HIS EYES JERKED OPEN. A ceiling of brilliant white stared back. He slowly clambered till he sat erect, pushing back the pale blue blanket covering his torso. The sight that greeted him jarred his bleary eyes. He sat atop a bed encased in a cuboid room whose walls were a pearly white, on whose floors lay tiles freshly waxed. There were handrails affixed to either side of his bed, chairs—probably made from mahogany wood—neatly lined up in the far corner and waving velvet curtains draped over a window. It was the epitome of perfection—pristine, spotless, immaculate; and it all just seemed a little too familiar.

the epitome of perfection—
pristine, spotless, immaculate

Pangs of nostalgia began to course through him as he took in the sights of what he knew as the Memorial Hospital, the very place he once spent hours on end pacing through its hallways, observing and learning. He remembered wondering as he first entered its doors how a place that prolonged life could itself seem so lifeless, how the patients could even find a will to live while being cooped up within. He needed not wonder anymore, for today he was no warden, he was the prisoner. But by whose hand was he arrested?

he passed the girl
with the guitar

He searched his thoughts for an answer, bringing up fleeting memories that flashed through his mind. The events of the immediate day seemed to elude him, save for one memory he could never possibly forget. Closing his eyes, he found himself back on the dim, moonlit streets of Alderwood walking home just as he had the previous night when he passed the girl with the guitar, when the figure blocked his path.


Greetings! ecyjt here. I’m just a young student finding my way around in life, one who happens to have a vast imagination and a passion for writing, so I started this blog to share my work with whoever chances across this humble domain.

I seek your patience as I piece together this blog amidst my busy student life, and I hope you enjoyed the small sneak peak of one of my major projects above!